About Us

Our mission is to promote an environment in which our membership will, through education, networking and fraternity, represent the finest our industry has to offer.


1. Promote Professionalism and High Standards by example and through the continued support and participation in programs designed to educate and elevate ourselves and our peers. Members will exchange knowledge, information, experiences and ideas. Members shall search for new memberswho will add knowledge and resources to our organization, thus improving the WNYMEA and its value to its members.

2. Operate according to fair and responsible business practices, we suggest a detailed contract stipulating the services to be rendered, special equipment to be used, service provider or entertainer agreed upon, if applicable, assignment of responsibilities required to be administered by both the client and service provider. Schedule for the set up and removal of appropriate equipment and responsibility assigned for client to arrange for adequate accessibility and time to prepare for any production process, financial agreement and terms of payment. Offer, upon request, a written cancellation policy. Accept responsibility of adhering to the terms of any contract made to the best of our ability and to offer reasonable compensation for inability to execute any said terms for reasons beyond our control.

3. Dedicate themselves to the satisfaction of the client through the following means: Compiling, recognizing and striving to meet the goals of the client, timely and frequent communications as required, cordial and calm discussions with all service professionals involved for the purpose of working as a team to achieve customer satisfaction.

4. Require that all employees and associates exhibit appropriate behavior while performing as entertainers or event service providers.

5. Require that all employees and associates are appropriately attired for each individual function and with consideration for event venues that have the capability for multiple events which may service other functions.

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